No Veteran should ever be homeless.

Board of Directors

Roxanne Lopilato


Accomplished Kitchen and Bath Designer with 20 years experience managing three branches for a Plumbing and Heating Supply Company.  Creative, active, diligent and consistent with the ability to work in a team oriented environment; persistent with the ability to get the best results.

My passion for non-profit work began when I was a child and joined the Ladies Auxiliary in Park Slope Brooklyn with my Aunt.  Years later I found myself participating in several causes in my home town of Greenwood Lake. These included “Save the Lake” committee, a Board member at the Grace Lutheran Church and  President for my homeowners association for many years.  I currently hold the position of Secretary in my homeowners association.

I truly enjoy helping others, getting involved to make changes for the better. When people come into your life and volunteer to mentor you, or help you when you are struggling; you get to feel first hand how wonderful it feels to be helped and if I can give that feeling back to someone else it is all worthwhile.

John "Jack" Laroe



I joined the Peace Corps in 1975 and was sent to Ghana (West Africa) in January of 1976.

I was connected with the Forest Products Research Institute in Kumasi. I traveled around the country visiting all the sawmills which were mostly owned by British German and Swiss companies. Most of the problems they had were around the fact that they were using equipment that was twenty plus years old and they had trouble bringing in new machines due to the foreign exchange issues. The Ghanaian currency didn’t have much value outside of the country because of the political instability. After about eight months I came down with the Typhoid Fever and was sent home.

Overall it was a positive experience as far as learning about a different culture which is one of the main goals of the Peace Corps.

William Whetsel


 I served in USAF as a 46450 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist, Assisted in the formation of the TSA and DHS after 9/11 attacks, transitioning the airport from private to federal. Member of American Legion post 488 as a Sons of the American Legion. 

James Burns


  Served 22 yrs. In the US Army as a 51H30H Construction Supervisor.Lifetime member of Arthur Finnigen American Legion Post 1443, serving 3 times as a Vice Commander and Commander. Jim has also retired from carpenters union local 253 

Frank Messina


An active and enthusiastic business owner for the past 28 years in his hometown, Greenwood Lake, NY,  Frank brings a diverse range of professional skills to the Rumshock Veterans Foundation.  He has  10 years of Board experience, 5 years as Secretary and then President of the Chamber of Commerce - Greenwood Lake and 5 years as Treasurer for the Saleen Club of America (for car enthusiasts). 

As Vice President of the Rumshock Veterans Foundation, Frank is eager to continue fulfilling his passion for volunteer work.  I enjoy being involved, working in a team environment and of course helping others.  I believe I will play an important role in promoting the foundation to the public.   

Marie Fay


Accomplished Communications executive with a proven track record of leadership and marketing management.  I wore many hats in my 30 year career, Marketing Services Manager, Business Logistics Manager, Olympic Affairs Director and Communications and Planning Director.  As a result, I have a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges.  

I am also a seasoned dog trainer with more than 10 years experience in the field.  I am a member of the Board of Directors for HiTor Animal Care Center.  My role on the Board is to provide leadership and management to the Fundraising Committee.  I am a compassionate person who wants to offer my skills to nonprofit organizations like Rumshock Veterans Foundation.