Rumshock Veterans Foundation

There is no way to adequately thank the men and women who sacrificed so much for our freedom and safety. But we can offer them a second chance – an opportunity to be successful members of a supportive community!

Board of Directors

Bill Whetsel

William Whetsel

Bill was born and raised in Greensburg, PA. After high school, he attended Penn State University before enlisting in the US Air Force as an EOD technician. After his time in the Air Force, he moved to New York City and began his 13-year career working with Trans World Airlines as a ramp crew chief.  After 9/11, he became one of the first 100 people hired to help form the Transportation Security Administration. He then became a part of the team who was in charge of transitioning all US airports from private security to federal security. After a year of traveling around the country with the transition team, he became the TSA security supervisor at Stewart Airport for 8 years. William then retired and has had the burning passion to help his fellow veterans that are in a time of need ever since.

In early 2019 he started the Rumshock Veterans Foundation with the help of his board. Because of trips back and forth to grandparents in the summer, he would stop and help and when a neighbor needed a house or a barn repaired. He would always lend a hand and help. Bill’s grandfather was a nurse in a surgical hospital in Dijon, France in WW2 and his uncles served in Vietnam; one in the Army and one in the USMC. His dad also served in the Navy.

Peter Lyons Hall

Peter Lyons Hall
Vice President

As digital marketing professional Peter helps businesses and communities grow by improving their visibility through digital content management, devising marketing strategy, providing website development, traditional print media, and other digital marketing solutions.

He has been an active volunteer for many community organizations and events, including The Children’s Book Festival, Warwick in Bloom, The Warwick Farmers’ Market, The Summer Arts Festival, the Artists’ Open Studio Tour, Saint Stephen’s parish, and others. He designed and edited the final document that allowed the Town of Warwick, under the direction of John Hicks, to purchase the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility from the State of New York. He has developed websites and branding enhancements for a number of community organizations, including the Warwick Historical Society, the Florida NY Chamber of Commerce Farmers Market, the Vernon Chamber of Commerce, Vernon Earthfest, Village of Greenwood Lake, and, a highly acclaimed community directory.

Peter has taught entrepreneurial marketing at Orange-Ulster BOCES and is a graduate of Marquette University; he has an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Roxanne Lopilato

Roxanne Lopilato

Accomplished Kitchen and Bath Designer with 20 years experience managing three branches for a Plumbing and Heating Supply Company.  Creative, active, diligent and consistent with the ability to work in a team oriented environment; persistent with the ability to get the best results.

My passion for non-profit work began when I was a child and joined the Ladies Auxiliary in Park Slope Brooklyn with my Aunt.  Years later I found myself participating in several causes in my home town of Greenwood Lake. These included “Save the Lake” committee, a Board member at the Grace Lutheran Church and  President for my homeowners association for many years.  I currently hold the position of Secretary in my homeowners association.

I truly enjoy helping others, getting involved to make changes for the better. When people come into your life and volunteer to mentor you, or help you when you are struggling; you get to feel first hand how wonderful it feels to be helped and if I can give that feeling back to someone else it is all worthwhile.

Marie Fay

Marie Fay

Accomplished Communications executive with a proven track record of leadership and marketing management.  I wore many hats in my 30 year career, Marketing Services Manager, Business Logistics Manager, Olympic Affairs Director and Communications and Planning Director.  As a result, I have a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges.

I am also a seasoned dog trainer with more than 10 years experience in the field.  I am a member of the Board of Directors for HiTor Animal Care Center.  My role on the Board is to provide leadership and management to the Fundraising Committee.  I am a compassionate person who wants to offer my skills to nonprofit organizations like Rumshock Veterans Foundation.

John “Jack” Laroe

I joined the Peace Corps in 1975 and was sent to Ghana (West Africa) in January of 1976.

I was connected with the Forest Products Research Institute in Kumasi. I traveled around the country visiting all the sawmills which were mostly owned by British German and Swiss companies. Most of the problems they had were around the fact that they were using equipment that was twenty plus years old and they had trouble bringing in new machines due to the foreign exchange issues. The Ghanaian currency didn’t have much value outside of the country because of the political instability. After about eight months I came down with the Typhoid Fever and was sent home.

Overall it was a positive experience as far as learning about a different culture which is one of the main goals of the Peace Corps.

Peter Groenendaal

Peter J. Groenendaal’s business experience includes forty plus years of unique approaches to business development. He began his professional career with General Motors as a systems analyst, evaluating its northeast region dealer network. He helped owners optimize operations, marketing, business development, and technology systems that improved their efficiency, lowered costs, and stimulated new customer relationships. He also worked as claims analyst for General Motors that streamlined the information workflow and decision resolution process.

After more than 12 years with General Motors he started his own company, Automotive Dealer Consulting, and continued to provide guidance to the GM dealer network throughout the northeast. Peter went on to start ADCON Engineering, with a focus on data centers for Fortune 100 companies, design build projects, and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems. Meanwhile, he purchased Advantage Mortgage, Inc., and launched Advantage Commercial Mortgage. He became the first licensed NJ mortgage banker receiving formal recognition by the NJ State Agency for homeowners with troubled mortgages.

He started ARCC Energy Group in 2012 with expertise as a project engineer, custom design-builder, real estate developer, and owners representative. ARCC management’s collective know-how includes townhouses, condos, single family residences, gentleman horse farms, and construction management services for both commercial and industrial project development. The combined experience of ARCC partners brings over half a century of expertise in business development in the fields of real estate development (commercial and industrial buildings), design built projects, modular housing, financial consulting, marketing, budgeting and business expansions.

He graduated from the GM Institute, and continued his studies at Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ, and Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ.